DMR Arkansas Amateur Radio Net

The Arkansas DMR net's return is now over 1 year old. We started this net back up in January 2020 and it's been GREAT!
Listen and join in to get to know your fellow DAARN ham's!

This is a friendly unformal net where we will have a question of the week, and anyone, anywhere is welcome to check in and join in the conversation.
We ask that you provide your name and QTH when checking in.

DMR TalkGroups heard in the last 5 minutes with clickable links to see all callsigns using the selected talkgroup.

Your current net operators:
KG5STP Thom Raup (
WB5BHS John Evans
and sometimes N5DDW Daniel Weatherly (

The question(s) of the week for June 13th, 2024 is
What preparations are you making for Field Day next weekend.  Are you going to take more food than radio equipment.

The April 2021 DAARN Newsletter can be found HERE
The May 2021 DAARN Newsletter can be found HERE
The June 2021 DAARN Newsletter can be found HERE

A big welcome to SFARC this month!!!

See Daniel's blog post on DMR basics from 2/25/21
A list of nets provided by KG5YGJ
DMR hotspot & codeplug power point presentation from ARVARF Russleville hamfest 2020. (pdf version without any notes here)

This web site is still being updated.
If you have ideas on what you would like to see on this web site, please drop an email to N5DDW.

Things we are working on:
Brandmeister DMR stats, such as most used talkgroups, or talkgroup activity over time, including things like what callsigns have been seen on a talkgroup in the last 5 minutes, 24 hours, week?
constantly updated export list of active DMR ID's from the past year(?) in csv, and various formats to be loaded into your radio.
Starter Codeplugs for various radios, for various area's around the state.